Many reasons can detemine you to take the MA in Creative Writing. For me it was the desire to mold my writing for advertising. And even if we studied a lot of literature and were trained to be writers, rather than copywriters, it was definitely not a waste of time. The MA in Creative Writing will develop your ability to think creatively and it will challenge you to put your ideas in writing in an innovative way. If on top of that you take into consideration that you will be spending a few hours a week in the company of talented people, this MA course is a safehaven for the soul. I reccomend it to anyone who did not yet give up on books and to anyone who is willing to learn how to see the world with fresh eyes. I promise you will never look at a book the same way again.
(Tina Vifor)

Contemporary poetry, novels and drama in English, in-depth analysis of writing techniques as well as helpful tips on effective writing, the chance to explore and express - in public or not - your views on the issues that haunt you and/or your fellow writers, interesting and challenging tasks, flexible, competent and responsible teachers, this is what this Creative Writing MA has offered me, besides boosting my self-confidence and encouraging me to put my thoughts and ideas on a sheet of paper and not to fear criticism of my own work.
(Laura Laurentiu)

If I were to compare this Creative Writing MA programme to anything in the world, I would compare it to a treasure hunt. That is because it takes you out there, on a field, and it makes you face a great diversity of contexts and situations meant to stir the response in you, your own viewpoint and manner of expression. Here you may encounter the secret wish of swimming with the dolphins, there you have the child in you remembering your grandparents' house, here there may pop out the most unusual of animals, the one you can reinvent and personalize, there the weirdest space travels you could ever imagine, here is the rhythm of the salmon coming back to its original waters, out there a circus acrobat afraid of tightrope walking. All you have to do is to give yourself the freedom to explore and the willingness to write.
(Alina Vesa)

Creative Writing opens doors - to your mind, to your career, to yourself. What I gained from completing this MA? Writing technique, which you can't learn anywhere else; story plotting, which you will need if you want to be a real writer; performing text analysis, which lets you discover "how it was written", and last but never least - self confidence in my own writing potential and in reading out my work in front of an audience.
(Adina Fader)